GST Registration Service    

What is GST?

GST is the goods and Service Tax. In some countries, it is normally referred to as the Value Added Tax.  This kind of tax is levied on goods and services in a bid to raise government revenue.

What is GST registration service?

Basically, new GST registration is the process of registering a business which carries out the supply of taxable goods and service and has a turnover in excess of a certain threshold (20 lakhs and above in India).

Who is eligible to register for GST number?

  • Persons who make interstate supply
  • Agents
  • Casual taxable people
  • Persons who supply goods and services through electronic commerce

Under the GST registration act, the persons shall be liable to undergo this registration process thirty days from the date they became liable to register.

Why is it important to register for GST?

  • You will access seamless input tax credit
  • You will avoid the problems of collision with the tax authority
  • Penalties of not registering for GST

If you commit an offense of not paying tax or making short payments, you will pay a
penalty of 10% of the tax up to a minimum of Rs. 10000 for genuine errors. But
if you deliberately evade tax, you will receive a penalty of 100% of the tax amount.

Benefits of the GST System:

It is projected that over 8 million taxpayers will move to GST from other systems.

  • It will remove existing tax barriers and create a single
  • Prevent double taxation by consumers

New GST Registration Process:

The registration process is simple because the application form is found online and we are here to assist you with the whole process. No physical presence is required.

These are some steps to consider for new GST registration:

  1. Get all the necessarily documents which are required for the GST registration. If you
    are not sure, it is advisable to let professionals like us check them for you.
  2. File the documents. You should file these documents alongside the application form
    on the GSTN website. Make sure they are of appropriate size.
  3. GST registration- If the documents are good after verification by a government
    officer, a GST certificate will be issued within 3-5 days.

Let Us Help You:

Since the registration process can be cumbersome and also require knowledge in this
field. Here’s where we come in and help you. Contact us today for more details.