earch, according to normal dictionary meaning, means to look out, to seek or to find something the presence of which is suspected etc. Seize means to take possession of goods, contrary to the wishes of the owner or to take forcible possession. From income tax point of view, in common parlance search is referred to as ‘RAID’. However, there is no such term as raid anywhere in income tax law.

Search & seizure-from income tax perspective:

Search operations are exploratory exercises on the basis of information with the income tax department to find hidden income and wealth in cases of tax payers, who have not disclosed their true financial state of affairs in discharge of their tax obligations. Seizure implies taking possession of assets, which have not been disclosed to the Income-tax Department and of accounts/documents, papers which contain details of unaccounted wealth/income not disclosed to the income tax authorities. Thus, search and seizure is a very powerful weapon in the armory of income tax department to unearth any concealed income or valuables and to check the tendencies of tax evasion thereby mitigating the generation of black money.